Organic Skin Elixir

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Your One Stop Pot of Magic

Rapidly becoming the magic all rounder for
Fashion Designers, Stylists and Makeup Artists!
Anti Ageing, Restorative and Deeply Nourishing - also an awesome makeup remover.
the active organic ingredients ensure a deeply nourished and improved skin complexion
Honey is almost Identical to the natural PH of skin
Anti bacterial and high in anti oxidants
it can combat acne, dryness and skin pigmentation
Coconut Oil is high in Essential Fatty Acids, helps to balance the skins PH and has shown to be “as effective as sunscreen in blocking 20% of the suns UV rays”
Organic Rosehip Oil contains vitiamins and minerals essential for collagen production, reducing the signs of ageing and improving skin texture
OrganiQ Elixir uses:
- Sungod Superfoods fair trade coconut oil
- Organic Rosehip oil
- Native Kangaroo Island Ligurian Honey ( the only species in the world)
Try out the Elixir today
Let go of the Toxins, Improve your Skin and
Nourish your Body xx

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