Would you eat your Skincare?

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With spring now at our doorstep we feel inspired to jump in to a new routine. Kick bad habits, start “toning up”

 But if our lifestyle contradicts our nutrition, it really is a lost cause. 



Would you eat your Skincare ?

Studies increasingly show that consumers have a growing “appetite for health, natural, sustainable products”.

Good health starts from the inside, what we eat directly effects our moods and emotions and … life.


“Food contains information. Every bite of food you eat broadcasts a set of coded instructions to your body—instructions that can create either health or disease.”

Dr. Mark Hyman 

This is why we buy as local and as fresh as possible. It is important to be able to trace supply chains and know that what we are eating is clean and unadulterated. 

Think about it, and residue pesticides are being processed by your stomach and absorbed in to your blood stream!

Scary stuff

When you eat, enzymes in the saliva and stomach break down what’s ingested, so some toxins are flushed out. 


According to Dr. Mercola, putting chemicals on our skin or scalp may actually be worse than eating them. It takes just 20 minutes for anything that touches the skin to be absorbed in to the bloodstream… without any filtering. 

A US study revealed that one in eight of the 82,000 ingredients used in personal care products are industrial chemicals, Just imagine what the cumulative effects of long-term use may do.

With some of these skincare ingredients linked to cancers, allergies, neurological disorders and reproductive issues, It is really time to get back to the source.


 Nourish your body inside and out with pure, natural ingredients. 

OrganiQ  combines  Food, Agribusiness and Natural Beauty to create beautiful, sustainable … and functional skincare.

Every ingredient has a purpose and from the moment you open the jar you are taken on a sensory journey of texture and aroma.

And often the results are instant. 

Our signature product is The Native Honey Body Scrub. 

One handful of this scrub will cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize and It will even remove makeup and condition skin after shaving.  One application – at least three functions.

This product contains Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee honey.  This bee flies freely over pristine coast and bush land and is the only native species of its kind in the world.

Other ingredients include Kangaroo island mineral sea salt, raw cane sugar and coconut oil, both of which known for their ability to condition and renew the skin. 

I use this product daily in the shower. the gentle action of scrubbing, helps to stimulate the skin and also the circulatory system, promoting skin renewal and detoxification. 

Sugar is gentle and dissolves on contact with water but grainy enough that it can remove built up dirt and toxins on the face and body.

Organic coconut oil removes excess dirt and makeup but also acts as a soothing and nourishing agent to deeply condition the skin.

The ingredients have been selected so that your skin is protected rather than irritated and act as a conditioning barrier against environmental toxins.


The Elixir is a complementary product to the scrub with the inclusion of Olive oil; we started it as a cleanser, and find that most customers actually use it in replacement of a moisturiser.  

Just two products, 7 ingredients and you have an entire skincare routine.



Spring in to Wellbeing and nourish your body with Natural Skincare, pure enough to eat.

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