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"It's not about survival, its about living."


Such powerful words for a kid just past 20.  A kid who's probably seen and faced more personally and experientially than most of you reading this.

And yet he is empowered and inspired and working on himself daily thanks to an incredible organisation.


Welcome to Youthinc. 

Established in 2006 by CRG, Youthinc provides  enterprise education and employment programs that are designed to re-ignite the aspirations of young people. 

These programs both inspire and support young people to find employment and even manage their own micro businesses .

When most businesses are cutting jobs , Adelaide's Finest Supermarkets are creating jobs. 

Training kids in skills in customer service and management. Creating a sense of community, of belonging… for kids and adults who are disadvantaged by social, economic and other factors.


I have tutored and nannied and have maintained mentor roles with some of my kids into their very late teens. I was bullied my entire schooling and understand the feeling of disconnection. There are about three significant phases in my life where I could have been one of the kids needing such an organisation.

This is why I really do give thanks every day and why the wellbeing of kids and my community is such a soul focus.



"Why shouldn't people enjoy being at work?!"

There is a level of human engagement unseen in any other supermarkets, customers and staff know each other by face… and even name. 

It was mentioned in a recent article - Pasadena manager Simon saw a lineup of trolleys at a register and he offered to open up another to relieve the wait and 

“They said, ‘no. I want to go through Val’s checkout’.”


This is one of the reasons that I drive from Rostrevor to Frewville just for my vegetables. 

"Worlds Best Supermarket" second year running, extends far beyond the produce.



 Adelaide's Finest Pasadena was the first supermarket to stock OrganiQ and through the efforts of staff and management , helped to give me a feeling of self value and belonging, OrganiQ would not be half as far as it is today had it not been for the help of their team. 


They say life is short… but its the longest thing we will ever do. 

We owe it to ourselves to make every moment count. 

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