OrganiQ Restorative Collection
OrganiQ Restorative Collection
OrganiQ Restorative Collection

OrganiQ Restorative Collection

A curated collection to nourish your body at every level. Utilising the power of aromatherapy and skin conditioning native extracts and bioactive ingredients. Each product can be used individually or as a step by step process to create your own home spa sanctuary experience.

We use ingredients that all have known benefits on the mind and body



Designed to calm the mind and soothe the soul.


Rose is known to uplift the heart and help to quieten anxiety. This is such a beautiful and energising mist first thing in the morning or throughout the day to refresh and uplift. 


Designed to not only draw out toxins but also help to regenerate skin cells and stimulate collagen. Which brightens complexion and leaves the skin feeling firm and fresh.


Native Honey Scrub is without a doubt our hero product. Containing ingredients that have been used for centuries in health and healing. Ingredients such as Island sea salt and Wild Ligurian Bee Honey can only be found on the 517 million year old coastline of Kangaroo Island. The OrganiQ Honey Scrub is committed to sharing the story of the bee and spreading the message of sustainability - at every level. The scrub is also a hair treatment so - this product is literally top to toe with ZERO synthetic ingredients.