Nourishing your body during pregnancy and beyond.

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#1 give yourself credit.

You are carrying an entire human being. You are responsible for her nourishment, her interpretation of the world before she meets it and setting emotional and physical foundations. This starts from day one, actually before.

You can’t control your surroundings but you can control the way you react.

Hormones happen and some days you will feel insane and act insane but just know 100% this is NOT in your control.

Meditate and journal.

You are an entire entity. Your mind is just as important as your physical self
Allow yourself 15 minutes a day just to get your thoughts out and reflect. Write your intentions for the day and your desires for the future. You will see overtime how you can change your mindset on the harder days.

Eat well.

This does not mean “eating for two” you need a maximum 200 extra calories and this should be nutrient dense wholefoods
Eat for your skin, your mind and your baby. Fresh water, lean proteins, organic greens and a variety of vegetables.

You will find that your cravings for cheeky foods are actually telling you the nutrients you need
Chocolate may mean vitamin B and magnesium.
Sugar DOES NOT mean sugar.
There are amazing resources online that can help you to understand this in detail.



Try to get in up to 2L of water a day. Baby needs hydration as much as you do. Remember you are now operating at the level of an elite athlete

It will also help keep your skin plump and dewy no matter how tired you feel

Just don’t forget every morning to Gua Sha with cleanse and condition to reduce fluid and maintain a nourished complexion

You can actually do this all over. Do it daily. This will be some of the toughest 9 months you will face in a long time.

Don’t stop moving.

The more you slow down the harder it will be to get your energy and fitness back. You will find yourself increasingly tired throughout pregnancy however exercise will help you sleep and at times often increase energy
This is as simple as taking a walk, aim for 10k steps a day even if you have to break it into 4 x 15 minute sessions.

Don't be afraid to hit the gym (under guidance and dr approval) there are also amazing yoga studios and female focuses Pilates studios that will help you to know and feel your body and baby through this journey. Staying strong and empowered all the way through 💪

LOVE your body and allow yourself time each day to connect with that magical bean inside you. Find peace within the chaos. And remember. You got this.

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