Our Story

OrganiQ represents my passion for Natural Beauty and Wellness.

I am a 6th generation Islander and grew up on Kangaroo Islands pristine beaches.

 Growing up on this gorgeous Island I started to realise that pure isolated environment was providing me with the most incredible nutrients that were nourishing my body and importantly also my skin.

 OrganiQ has been able to been able to identify a group of powerful native extracts and bio actives (specific to pristine Kangaroo Island) with the ability to cleanse, detoxify and condition even the most delicate skin.

Did you know that your skin is your largest organ? it actually breathes. 
So, if you wouldn't eat something, why would you put it on your body? 
OrganiQ is natural skincare that both feels beautiful and has lasting
results in turn enhancing a feeling of connection and elevated purpose. This happens when you know the story of the ingredients, when you know the benefit to your body, when you are empowered to love and nourish your body and know that you are making minimal negative impact on the planet.
Did you know that honey as pure as the Liguruan Bee Honey

 is one of the only foods that contains all nutrients required to sustain life? 

Our Mission is to take things directly from the earth to the skin with limited chemical influence. To improve the health of our customers and our planet.