The Hershey OrganiQ Cacao Scrub.

Our Heroes: Raw Cacao, Pure Coconut Oil, Pristine Raw Sugar

Ingredients used for centuries in health and healing come to together to create a first of its kind body treatment designed to nourish your body - at every level.



Why we Love it:

The benefits of weekly exfoliating are well documented. Removing dead and dry skin to encourage skin renewal and skin elasticity. Improved circulation and enhanced metabolism encouraging your body to detox and regenerate.

Then we add Chocolate. One of the highest antioxidant foods on the planet.


It’s like a Hershey Milk Chocolate bar for your skin


By using our scrub weekly you will notice instant changes in your skins appearance and texture. We have worked hard on this product to create a first of it’s kind product that provides instant and lasting results.

Every single ingredient has a skin conditioning purpose chosen specifically to nourish you skin at the deepest possible level.

Zero calories and ingredients that actually work to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


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