Hear what our customers are saying. OrganiQ is literally changing lives.  


"Okay - I'm backtracking to my makeup artist days to give a shoutout and recommendation to anyone out there needing a really really good moisturiser. It's sold as a cleanser but I use it as a moisturiser because it's incredible.

You use the tiniest little bit and it absorbs like a dream. Sourced and made in SA. Go check it out, she has been winning awards for her amazing brand and I can totally see why.

Anyway, go try the Cleanse & Condition, it's incredible."

Che Thornbury


"I discovered these beautiful products several months ago and loved the philosophy behind the company and the fact that I am buying a true South Australian product. I regularly use and love the body scrub on my face -  my skin feels soft, smooth and nourished all day. My daughter, who has mild teenage acne, uses the rose facial mist and clay mask and I completely trust that these products are helping her skin improve and heal naturally."

Alison Juers



“I love waking up with the Organiq coffee scrub. It turns my morning shower into a delicious smelling, caffeinated ritual. The Organiq coconut scrub leaves my skin feeling so velvety. I never get shaving rash anymore. Every time I use it, I go off into a heavenly coconut smelling bliss. ”

Geoff Kwitko


" I can highly recommend the Coconut Body Scrub, I have quite oily skin and have always been prone to the odd breakout. But since using the scrub this summer I can honestly say my skin has never looked better in all my life! "

Lisa Mcaskill


"I'm not about promoting products I don't believe in. I recently turned down an active wear brand coz the last time I exercised was 14 months ago. so I hope you believe me when I say that OrganiQ is an absolute bloody god send!!!

 I've only been using it a couple of weeks and while my acne is still present it is no where near as inflamed and angry and I am not getting nearly as many giant pimples that keep me locked inside the house for days. Who knows... It might even get to the point where I'll feel confident enough to post a selfie!"

Danielle Symes


"I just love love LOVE this scrub . Smells divine (seriously, good enough to eat!) and it exfoliates and moisturises all at once. Such a great South Australian product and company"

Anna Booth


"Omg Sally! You are a genius! I tried the whole range tonight. I scrubbed with the honey one my face, then French clay, then oil then mist omg they are absolutely divine. Especially for night time.

You are so so talented!"

Juri Pali


"If you have reactive skin like me give this stuff a shot. It has been calming my skin and makes it feel divine. Also brilliant for pre and post shaving."

Anthony Adams MUA