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As we find ourselves in a world of physical distance and digital connectedness it’s easy to forget how important it is to connect to our own body, mind and breath.

Studio Pilates has not just become a place to improve my fitness. It has become a space to clear my mind and a community to fill my heart.

I truly mean this. I practice yoga every day and there are many parallels as the foundations come from the physical philosophy. However, Pilates takes your physical awareness and breath and makes a workout of it.

As your muscle tone improves, your circulation improves and balances with focused hydration and nutrition you notice that your entire body starts to glow.

It reduces stress without putting detrimental stress on your body. It can also help you sleep better, digest food more efficiently, improve your body's immune response and reduce stress levels.

It doesn't matter what stage in life, what shape your body is in. After just a few weeks of consistent classes, you will start to see results.

The 30 Day Challenge is such a great way to fast track your progress. The aim is to attend as many consistent classes as possible for 30 days whilst connecting with your community, encouraging class members and downloading the Amplify App  Featuring a program guide, workout tracker, health tips, articles, + a 4-week meal plan, including more than 85 recipes. 


Your transformation is limitless.


Book into Norwood, Henley Beach, Adelaide City or Unley and become part of the movement. 

Studio Pilates will change your life.



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