Collagen and anti ageing: Nutrtion Essentials for your Body and Complexion.

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There are thousands of anti ageing supplements and vitamins on the market and to be honest the verdict is out on how many actually work. Short of injectables, there are limited ways to top up your levels - instantly.


Like anything in life, there is no quick fix and the OrganiQ philosophy continues to ring true. Real results come from nourishing your body - at every level.

You are what you eat … and it is paramount that you EAT the foods that contain the nutrients that your body requires to Glow and Thrive at full capacity

Collagen is the protein that gives your skin elasticity, that keeps your hair and nails strong. It is the glue that holds out tissue together.

Collagen helps protect our skin by filtering out environmental toxins and other pathogens but is best known for its role in nail and hair strength and growth. And of course … skin elasticity


The body naturally slows down collagen production as people age. 


Topical application has been shown to slow down the appearance of the ageing process. It promotes plumpness and skin elasticity in the skin. Making us look and feel younger.

However, each part of the body needs a different type of collagen to work effectively. After the age of 25 years old, our bodies stop producing collagen type I. So we need to consume it in our diets.

Vitamin C is the glue responsible for holding cells together during the creation of collagen.

So we have to maintain a balance of both to ensure we stay looking and feeling young well beyond our years.

I literally look ten years younger than my actual age and I know a large part of this comes down to lifestyle.

I eat fresh foods abundant in bioavailable nutrients. I eat bucketloads of Cucumber and blueberries cucumber is one of the highest natural sources of collagen and blueberries are packed with anti oxidants that fight are radical damage.

Cacao contains one of the highest amounts of antioxidants out of any food in the world and I make sure that I eat RAW cacao every day.

I love Pana and Loving Earth from Australia and UBUD RAW and POD  from Bali which is actually owned and managed in Bali by an Adelaide guy with a local team.

Love Sushi ? Seaweed is one of the best sources iodine and is believed to  prevent oxidation from zapping your skin of its elasticity and collagen.

Not to mention wild caught fish and eggs which are packed with cell binding protein, zinc and iodine

As mentioned you can also improve collagen within your skincare.

Regular use of a  good body scrub will stimulate blood flow to help increase skin cell turnover and also reduce the appearance of cellulite.

I created OrganiQ body scrubs because I wanted to ensure that my skin was being nourished at the same time as exfoliated. Your skin texture literally changes instantly.

It is believed that these cell-growth stimulating properties of Alovera can help boost collagen production in your skin. And this is the KEY ingredient in our Skin Renewal Serum.

It is important to remember that good food and beautiful products cannot do the work on their own. If you are stressed your body won’t absorb ANYthing that you put into it. And hours spent int the sunshine without adequate protection will cause irreversible damage. No matter what creams or technology you use.

8 hours sleep

2 Litres of water

Kind thoughts

And exercise … ever single day.

Love yourself and those around you


Love and nourish your body … at every level.


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