How to keep your skin Fashion Week ready where ever you are in the world.

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Introducing the Pink Clay Mask with Fashion Designer and Model Katya Komarova


Do you make time every night to wash your face 3 times with warm water, muslin cloth and cleansing oil, drink 2 L of water and get in some yoga and meditation to help tone and calm your body and mind?

Unlikely right?

We can only imagine what its like for the models and designers during AAFW

The impact on their bodies with early starts, long days, minimal sleep NOT TO MENTION dehydration from bright lights, exposure to the elements and limited time to stop and have a nourishing meal. Wine often replacing water and rarely time to even consider what is going in your body

When the body is tired, the skin gets tired. Looking dull and often dry when the body is zapped of nutrients

Add to that full days of makeup and you have a recipe for dry skin and break outs.

But don't stress!!!

We have a solution and it's been proven to work.


Let us introduce you to the runway superstar


OrganiQ Pink Clay Exfoliating Mask


You only need to use this twice a week to start seeing results!

Let Australian Model and Fashion Designer Katya Komarova show you how it's done. 

It really is as simple as A B C


Apply as a paste mixed with water

Breathe deeply for 5 minutes while it sets and works its magic

Cleanse with warm water or Cleanse and Condition


And you will have instantly cleaner fresher and more energised skin.


Ready to take on the world where ever you are.

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