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We thought it was fitting to start our series with a Kangaroo Island mum. Having made the move to the island less than ten years ago, Alyce has made a lot of transitions and does well to balance life on the island and time with her extended family on the mainland, but we think motherhood and country life looks great on her!



How long have you lived on KI?

We moved here in April 2012 - so over 7 years ago!

What brought you to the island?

Love ! ;)

My husband, Adam is a 5th generation islander and after being away in Adelaide for many years (senior schooling/trade school/work) he decided being back home on the Island and on the family farm was where he belonged. Luckily, I was happy and excited for the sea change and slower-paced lifestyle. So only after being married for 5 months... we packed up our city life and moved to the rock.


What do you love most about living on the island?

I love the relaxed lifestyle. I love living rurally while still enjoying all the coastal benefits. I love the space, the scenery, the views and the beautiful local beaches that some days you have all to yourselves! It’s also such a beautiful place to raise children.


What are the biggest challenges?


Being away from my family and friends in Adelaide. Being separated by water means I cannot just jump in the car when I want and go visit my family or friends... or the shops! Then there’s the expense of actually getting on and off the Island (via Ferry for us) which is not cheap and is certainly a determining factor to how often we can come and go.

Tell us an average day in the life of an Island girl?

If it’s not a work/child-care/kindy day we usually get out and about in the morning somewhere local either spend time at the beach or exploring our local Sculpture Trail. We usually enjoy this with my sister and her two daughters who also live here (lucky me!). In the afternoon we would go and visit my husband and my father in law on the farm. My boys love rides in the tractor or the header and enjoy “helping” out where they can on the farm. On weekends we enjoy family time together out and about around the house or having a fire somewhere on the farm with friends.


What do you love the most about being a mum?

Loving and being loved in return. I also love how little things they do and say can put a big smile on my face daily. It’s an exhausting gig and super hard work but I couldn’t imagine my life without them. I am so grateful I get to raise them in such a beautiful place.


What do you do to give back to yourself?

Socialising with friends is my outlet! I am a very social person and value quality time with my girlfriends. When we head to Adelaide I am lucky that my parents want to spend as much time with the boys as possible so I usually get the opportunity to go out and enjoy dinner or an event with friends, kid free!!! It’s a win win!


What is your favourite self-care ritual?

In the warmer weather on KI I love going for a town and beach walk with my earphones in listening to music. I find it so peaceful and relaxing and feel very refreshed afterwards.

What do you do to Nourish your body?

I “try” to eat as healthy as possible during the week (weekends I indulge haha) and try and have a green juice every few days! I also drink lots of water!


What does beauty mean to you?

To me, beauty means feeling confident in your own skin. Whether it’s the physical things that make you happy... clothes, clear skin, makeup etc or just feeling confident, healthy, happy and content on the inside. I also relate beauty to how you come across as a person to others. Be kind.

What is your daily skincare routine?

I always cleanse, use a serum and moisturise morning and night. I will never go to bed with my makeup on. I also exfoliate twice a week and apply a face mask once a week.


Your number one skincare secret?

Tea Tree Oil on pimples! Yes, I still get pimples in my 30’s .


Your favourite OrganiQ product and why?

I LOVE the serum!!! There is one word that women love when it comes to a product and that is “firming”. So when a product claims to be “firming” and actually is... then oh my gosh - give me all the firming serum you have!!!


If you could pass on one piece of guidance or thought to women world wide - what would it be?

Take care or yourself mentally. Take time out every now and again to do something that you thoroughly enjoy and that makes you happy. Also surround yourself with people that are only a positive influence in your life. No one has time for negativity.

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