Pitch Perfect - Natural Beauty is the Choice at Pitchfest

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Can you believe that we are an international brand, available in the Worlds Best Supermarket and we have product going to LA ??



Like a relationship... 

People don't see the tears in public, the sleepless nights, the "therapy",

The times the card bounces 

And the daily longing for bare feet on the sand 


But faith transcends doubt and fear 

And faith is what keeps me moving forward 

That and a painful determination that I Inherited from Mum 


I had no idea what I was getting myself in to

I think I spent the day before crying more than anything 


Friday morning - my first video journal said it all. Anxiety had me numb. I could not see how I could do this 


My slide show was terrible 

- I mean so bad 


I had hand notes , I couldn't speak without shaking.


Needless to say 

A wreck 



It felt like a dream 

A play 


No one was forcing me to go on

No one said I had to compete 

But I wanted to do it, I had worked so hard to get there 


and I think I had a lot to prove, not just to myself but as a symbol of the unconventional path I chose to walk...


But it's that law of the land 

You just do it 

You just keep going 

Giving up is not an option 


There is so much more to lose by "not doing"



Sitting in the "green room", becomes quite emotional-  a group of people with common goals and shared emotions but very personal  journeys 


Yet after two days, we are a collective 

And it's quite sad and surreal to think that we aren't doing it again 


OrganiQ won community choice, but quite a large margin. But that was the award that mattered to me, Because I created OrganiQ for the Customer ... and my community 


Here is a link to the Judges responses. 

The entire speech is on the website... but ill let you find that xx 



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