Renewing your Stomach and Skin

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Our skin is our largest organ and the health of our stomach is reflected directly through our complexion.

 Fatigue, anxiety, breakouts and bloating can all be an indication of an imbalance of good bacteria in the belly. 

Fermented foods have been used for centuries to nourish and heal the body… dating back to Greece and Egypt, yoghurt is one of the best known sources of "living food".


The living organisms in fermented foods break down starches, making vitamins and nutrients more easily available. Good bacteria breaks down lactose - making yoghurt tolerable for many with dairy sensitivities.



But there are also many incredible vegan fermented foods available.

Mojo Kombucha have a literal rainbow of iced teas. - soothing on upset stomachs and using only natural sugar to feed the living bacteria. By the time it hits your belly "the bad stuff" is gone. 


Adding a few fermented foods into your every day diet can improve digestion, help with weight loss, increase energy, detox the body, support the immune system and reduce joint pain.


My favourite product is Sauerkraut.

Made with a base of fermented cabbage - I have my Kraut on eggs, salads, with grilled fish … basically any savoury dish. 

Peace Love + Vegetables from Byron Bay use produce from organic and sustainable farmers to make their range of "superkrauts"- from the basic Tasmanian Sea Vegetable (cabbage and native seaweed) to Spicy Kimchi and even a Beetroot blend. 



Whilst  some of  fermented products can still be hard to source. I can luckily  buy all these products from my local supermarket. 

Thats the wonderful thing about Adelaide's Finest. They put the health of their customer first. 


(They even have a home delivery service) ... but I actually enjoy exploring the isles..

(its like an art gallery for your belly)




 Images: Peace Love + Vegetables / Mojo Kombucha/ B.D Farm Paris Creek

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