The importance of exfoliation

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Why do we scrub?

Exfoliating removes dry old skin, encourages new skin growth, massages and relaxes and kick starts the detox process...

It’s a Wellbeing Necessity


Why OrganiQ?


Our Scrub is 100% natural and almost all ingredients come from small and local producers. They smell (and apparently taste) delicious.


One handful can cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise your entire body.

 Gentle and full of anti – aging ingredients – the scrub is literally a facial in a jar.

I use it morning and night; some fans don’t even need a moisturiser.


The ingredients have been carefully researched to ensure they nourish even the most sensitive skin types 



Starting at $16 this is one of the best value body scrubs on the market

No bullshit, clean ingredients.

And literally transforming skin


Give it a go & Nourish your Body xx

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