Good Skin comes from Within

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“Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling with the mistaken belief that you can not bear the pain. But you have already borne the pain. What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain.” 





You can eat the most pure organic food, buy and slather the most raw, natural , anti ageing skin products, work out and do yoga daily


but perfect skin, body and … wellbeing 

has to come from within… deep within


I write this today after seeing one of Adelaides best makeup artists, and another well known stylist,

both had massive breakouts…

both know how to  take good care of their skin

both are currently experiencing heighten levels of emotional stress



Your body really does speak for your spirit - 

and only you have the power to listen and respond to your needs.


and today I read this article 

I reflected on what the journey of OrganiQ has given me so far -

I have found purpose, passion and potential …



The road has not been easy, and I still cant find the bloody map (I doubt I ever will) 

I just feel like my life journey and compassion has given me reason and voice to share insights and perspectives that may otherwise go unseen and heard

6 years ago I was meeting with this professor to discuss a treatment plan for severe anorexia'


Straight out - I weighed around 36kg

I should have been dead 

That same year I went to Sydney for inpatient treatment 

But I didn't come back "fixed" and I've been to some dark places since then 

And had weight plummet even lower.

I've felt my heart struggle and lost half my hair


But 6 years on …. I made a decision 

I don't know the exact words - I do know the catalysts. No one can make you "do it" and no one really "gets it"

The decision has to come from within. And the hard work doesn't get easier, 

It just changes direction


Eating disorders, anxiety, drugs, alcohol, self harm are all frightening vices 

and all have a very very personal road.

And the pain, the voices, the issue - Never really goes away 

Never completely


Yet so often society lays blame, Locks people away physically and socially


But the Fact is - we are all one .

And here we need one another's support compassion and patience 

Non judgement 

But Persistence 

And self love 

Physically, nutritionally, emotionally


Live by your own rules with an #openheart and #goodintentions and you can #makeithappen




this amazing woman is almost double my age and has had her own journey with these "issues"

she recently took the plunge to compete in the INBA Adelaide Classic Body Building. 

this meant, gaining weight… changing her daily activity levels… at a time when her entire approach to life had to change also

she experienced Rashes, and sleeplessness.. but then something shifted…


She started to change physically… letting go of half her clothes.. weighing more than she had in years

but-  her skin was clearer… her eyes were sparkling… and she was starting to glow (without the orange tan)

her mind stayed clear and grounded. 


A Novice in the comp circuit… She cleaned up half the awards, she inspired women and saw new light within herself

Nourish your Body xx you can Make it Happen xxx 



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