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This is no longer just a health journey.

This is a LIFE journey 


My mission through OrganiQ really does have the ability to change lives. 


And that's all I want - To make a positive difference 


It's not about fame or popularity 

I don't need to make millions 

I just want to be able to support myself, feel secure 

And built OrganiQ to a level where it is making positive changes 

Helping and empowering people to feel their best in health and wellness 



To support and expand awareness about Kangaroo Island, local community and industry 





OrganiQ is so much more than a body scrub, OrganiQ has the potential to become a complete lifestyle. 

And I want it to ... And I'm willing to do what ever is necessary to make it happen.  


I've never had the ability to colour within the lines, But I'm also my harshest critic. Life experiences, and my interpretation of life traumas and interactions with people has built up over time. And Ive grown up with a Very disempowering self dialogue. This also became a comfort, and I still see it arise in most conversations


There is still so much that people don’t see, physical actions and mental perceptions that I still allow to hold me back. 


But ive proven my internal strength, and my ability to achieve what seems impossible, I’ve tasted my potential 


I want to make OrganiQ my  life reality

My being 



“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

 – Paulo Coelho The Alchemist

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