Nourish your Surf Loving Skin

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Salt water will heal wounds faster than any cream, 

so you are totally in the best environment for nourishing your body!

However,  the damage caused from hours in the Sun is not so easy to repair.


Organic Coconut Body Scrub was built for Surfers!

This Scrub contains only the most pristine raw ingredients - specifically selected for their anti ageing & nourishing properties.

 One hand full in the shower.. (in the bathroom or by the beach) removes dry skin, soothes irritation and hydrates burned skin 

It's quick, effective and flat enough to fit in your bag. 

  • Raw Australian sugar  - gently removes dry skin, encourages new skin growth and wrinkle reduction.
  • Hand sourced Ki Mineral Salt - Highest PH of any mineral salt, Nourishes dry skin, can replace essential minerals 
  • Organic hand pressed coconut oil - cleanses, anti bacterial, hydrates and helps skin maintain a perfect youthful glow  


Organic Elixir

Three incredible Organic ingredients to save surf thrashed skin

Coconut Oil 

is high in vitamin E which neutralizes free radicals that are damaging your skin. 

It essentially prevents skin damage

Rosehip Oil 

almost identical to skin sebum & contains the perfect combination of omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids to nourish and repair sun damage and scars

Native Ligurian Honey 

From the only known pure strain of Ligurian bee in the world, It is antibacterial, helps to wounds heal faster and  falls within the skins natural PH levels

The Elixir can be used on the skin and body at any time throughout the day. 

(make sure the lid is on TIGHT)


OrganiQ - Skin Renewal Serum

( Made to Order) 

Cooling, Soothing and nourishing - Magic for surf strained skin! 

Our Serum contains Pure Organic Aloe Vera extract.  Known by the Native Americans - as "The Wand of Heaven"

Aloe vera juice is packed with skin nourishing vitamins and also rich in minerals like calcium magnesium, zinc, iron, selenium and potassium

When used topically aloe vera can soothe inflamed skin and enhance collagen and hyaluronic acid

Three simple products to soothe the Skin

and ... Ocean Waves to soothe the Soul


OrganiQ was created to ... Nourish your Body xx



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