Salad of Love

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Detox and Nourish with this amazing bowl of Nutrients!


There is so much confusion about right and wrong nutrition 

Good foods, bad foods, gluten free, paleo, raw, vegan...

It doesn't seem to stop


The fact is - Good Nutrition is EASY


I tell all my clients - Make sure you include all essential nutrients 

And -  just -  keep -  it - simple!

Do a big shop up @ the weekend Market or Start of week

Cook some meat, boil some eggs, make some quinoa ( this can be frozen). make up some soups with the left over veggies - honestly there is no REAL need for packaged food. 


This is my Essential OrganiQ Salad of Love

It contains all the right nutrients for Skin and Digestive Health, and can be tweaked according to personal preference 

I call it the Salad of Love because Nourishment is Love.

first to Love yourself

but it is the type of meal that can be made to any size - for any amount of people




Nourish your Body – Nourish Everyone’s Body!


Grated beetroot

Grated carrot

Bean shoots




Broccoli (steamed)

Garlic ( Crushed & steamed whole)

Grated Ginger


Mint, Coriander, Basil


Quinoa awesome! it is actually an ancient Seed and therefore A complete protein = sustained energy - "Gluten Free".

Baked Sweet Potato - a drizzle of coconut oil and sprinkle of mineral salt


Free Range Eggs, Fish, Free Range Chicken, Grass Fed Beef or Lamb

 OrganiQ Body and Skin Dressing -

Lemon Juice, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut oil, Pinch of Organic Mineral Salt

Sesame seeds


Perfect for any Lunch or Dinner ... or Breakfast ( why not?) 


Nourish your Body xx

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