The Luxury Facial

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Prestige cosmetics often contain  toxic ingredients in order to achieve the desired skin result

( “anti ageing”, “peel”  “plump” etc ) 

 one product will often cause a skin response that conveniently requires the application of yet another product.

(this is often a clever technique of Salon and Day Spa treatments)


Many products can contain a high percentage of water as their primary ingredient.

(what does water do? washes stuff OFF your skin) 

 Your skin will not have a chance to absorb any apparent nutrients

DRINK THE WATER and Let nature do the work on top!!!


The essential OrganiQ Facial


Will exfoliate dry skin, encourage fresh regenerated skin, Clean off makeup and toxins.

Pure coconut oil is known for its hydrating and nourishing ability for almost all skin types


Nourishing Facial Mist 

Smells like a spring garden 

Will freshen skin, soothe irritation and



Our GO TO product

Originally crafted as a cleanser

The ingredients are cleansing, antibacterial and hydrating

 Removes makeup, soothes itchies, can help with abrasions, and can be used as a moisturiser!!


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