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"Invite your speaker/s to articulate and explain that exact moment when they themselves took bold action to help improve or develop an aspect of their own livelihood, career or business - or that of another woman's, or women's status overall"


I was asked to give this talk as an opportunity to share my personal journey and the bold actions that I have taken to create the life that I have. 

I have been blessed every step of the way with the guidance and presence of so many people who've literally made a life impact on who I am.

I'm going to substitute Bold with Courage  And remind you all that you don't have to change the world to make a difference. 


Courage is relative, and sometimes just one decision or one commitment can change someone's life. 


My mother tried for 10 years to have a child. Her doctor told her that IVF wouldn't work. 

And the process of adoption nearly broke her and dad. 

But she was courageous and persisted 


Across the country another woman was going through her own courageous journey on her own.  Letting go of her community, her family ... of the Miss Australia competition to carry a child through full term.

To give her up for adoption 



Faith is not necessarily about religion.

It's about feeling and will and  just knowing that something is true and possible. Vision and desire and the courage to persist against all odds 



This has become a life theme for me 


My dad died when I was three on Kangaroo Island and  then mums dad died three months later. 

 Mum became  carer for Nanna until she died. And then she moved to Adelaide for me to complete high school. Selling our entire family property. 

That year her "second mum" was diagnosed with aspestosis, so she looked after her until she died.




I've spent the last 15 years ... possibly more managing a combination of hormonal, autoimmune issues combined with anxiety disorder and severe eating disorder seeing my weight plummet to 35kg on a few occasions.

Medically - I really shouldn't be here let alone be so physically strong and healthy. 


This is part of the reason that yoga is so important to me 

Some days i was so weak, i could barely get out of bed. but every day I made the commitment to practice yoga in some form. this commitment conditioned my body and mind in ways that no medication ever could. 

And I still practice every day 

It took me 7 years to complete a 3 year uni degree. Having to officially pull out at one stage - and spend time in Sydney for treatment. 


The Island was my healing grace,  even when I was almost too weak to walk.  In winter Mum would drive me to the beach with the heaters on in the car. It would take a day to recover but at the same time that ocean kept me alive 

And this is what OrganiQ represents 


 I am now the. healthiest I have ever been, and somehow I've turned that corner knowing that the eating disorder as it was is now in my past. 


My products and my practice have become a metaphor for self acceptance and something that I can share with others to empower and encourage them to honour and nourish their body - 



Everyone has a story 

it's about taking the time to listen 


Change does not have to move mountains 


But the experiences and lessons of one person can easily have a life impact on someone else.


We all walk this earth together. Own both your failures and achievements. These are your greatest tools to make a difference in this world. 

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