Natural Skincare for Men

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… Why OrganiQ? 

Founded on Kangaroo Island by a 6th generation islander. (Me) Every single ingredient has a skin conditioning property and some of the ingredients can only be sourced from Kangaroo Island.

 I created every product, I test every product, I trust every product. I have personally seen their beneficial results on numerous skin conditions such as eczema and acne. 

And the boys love it!! 



So test this routine out and tell me if your skin doesn't TRANSFORM! 


Simple and Effective Skincare for Men.

Less than 10 minutes to cleanse and condition your face and body!


Eucalyptus Body Scrub 

A natural 2 in 1 cleansing scrub. This uses Native Eucalyptus oil, Organic Seaweed Powder Kangaroo Island Mineral Salt  and  Organic Coconut oil to sooth and hydrate, shed dead surface skin and clear dirt and stimulate cell renewal.

 Use the Body  Scrub when you shower daily, or if you have sensitive skin every second day.  Always follow up with a Mist for added, lasting hydration, and use throughout the day if your skin feels dry.

Cleanse and Condition

A natural, lightweight and deeply nourishing serum rich in corrective antioxidants, essential fatty acids and oils to help reduce the signs of premature ageing, lines and wrinkles and help restore sun damaged skin.

Perfect replacement for a shaving cream

Cleanse and Condition is the final step, just a small dab of liquid rubbed in to your face and you are good to go!  In the evenings, before going to bed, use this to help repair and restore as you sleep.


So, Support local business, Buy OrganiQ ... and Nourish your Body xx

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