Let me (re) introduce myself.

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Hi everyone.

I know many have you have followed me since day one. But for those who are new here. Let me introduce myself

My name is Sally and I am the founder of OrganiQ Kangaroo Island.

I grew up on Kangaroo Island which is a 375 million year old island off the coast of South Australia.

I am a 6th generation islander and have been blessed to be brought up and  influenced by my mother and grandmother who were strong entrepreneurial women ahead of their time. 

Growing up playing on the beach walking barefoot through paddocks and picking roses and strawberries with my mum,I always had an understanding of caring for the land and food sources, the community of local producers and the healing properties of native food sources. 

Swimming in the ocean on a summers morning has a powerful effect on the body and mind and I knew there had to be a way to replicate this. 

Notice that your skin is never dry after a month of swimming in the ocean (if you wear a mineral sunscreen and moisturise after. )

Working with a naturopath, a chef, and multiple beauty therapists for close to ten years A scrub was developed. 

The seed was the diagnosis of a thyroid disorder which revealed to me the level of toxic ingredients in household and beauty products that could literally kill your thyroid. 

A key symptom of a dysfunctional thyroid is dry skin. However abraissive scrubs only irritate the skin further. Medicated creams only continue to put more chemicals on your body.

So this product needed to smell and feel prestige but be literally pure enough to eat. 

And so the Honey Scrub was born.


Created on the coast of Kangaroo Island it contains wild botanicals and bioactive ingredients that can only be found on the island. 100% food grade ingredients that work directly on the skin to give instant and lasting results. Sustainably sourced ingredients, local where possible to keep the community connected. 

When billions of dollars of cosmetics packaging is going to landfill and in to our oceans each year, we had to reduce this, not add to it. 

 And so I created a product that would cleanse and exfoliate and moisturise. 

It can be left on the face to become a deep conditioning and hydrating facial mask too. 

The product that would change the way that I and people around me would think about skincare and our body.

Because when your skin feels beautiful, when you are taking care of your body inside and out, you start to feel different. You radiate confidence and the world connects with that.

Minimal imprint on the planet and maximum imprint on your wellbeing and beauty.


Try the Honey Scrub and tell me you don’t feel it too!


S x

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