5 things you will notice after changing to Green Skincare 

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Green skincare is not just about what sits
in the formula 

It is about the entire product process, the impact on the environment at every step in the journey and how the customer becomes part of this journey through their behaviour and of course the results the get from the products. 

Our products contain ingredients direct from the source. Not one ingredient in our Body Scrub, Clay Mask or C&C is mixed in a lab. They all come straight from nature. Sustainably harvested and treated with care. 



Your skin will feel less hungry 

Did you know that your skin is actually your largest organ of absorption? It absorbs much of what ever it comes in to contact with. So if you put heavy products and synthetic ingredients on its surface. It will never feel completely nourished. 

Try using our products for a week and you will notice how much your skin loves what you are feeding it. 


You will feel refreshed 

You aren’t putting any chemicals or fragrances on your skin, which means it can breathe all day long. Just like you take a deep breath in when you step out in to the sunshine, your skin can too! 

You will save money

You replace the need for extra products and because the formulas are so concentrated - you will use less. Its simple maths!

You will be Glowing. 

This is actually science and for it to be long term you need to do the work with drinking lots of water and healthy fresh food. But the products definitely help! 

The OrganiQ Pink Clay Mask draws dirt and toxins out of your skin, these are often the key contributors to the skin feeling dull. 

Using an OrganiQ Scrub over the entire body and gently on the face once a week will activate the glycolic acid and emollient properties in the scrub and help to break down dirt and at the same time help to plump your skin by capturing moisture in your cells. 

You can replicate this daily by using Cleanse and Condition. 


You will feel more connected to the planet. 

Knowing that you are using products that contain sustainably sourced ingredients and are packed in recycle and re usable packaging is something that automatically has an impact on your consciousness. Kangaroo Island is a unique eco system and by using our products you are helping to share our story and reduce the potential wastage that can impact our planet. 


We have a limited time on this planet. And will make a footprint no matter what choices we make. 

Let's make it one that protects her for the future. Try our products and tell us you don't notice the difference! 

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