Maskne: The Facts and the Solutions

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Believe it or not, Maskne is actually a thing.


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So often we come across words coined by companies and influencers to create a marketed trend, however acne and irritation from wearing a mask is now a very real condition. And Masks are now a very real part of every day life.

Dr. Whitney Bowe, a dermatologist in Manhattan, wrote in an email. That masks can worsen skin issues that already exist or cause new ones.

Add in the summer heat and humidity and you’ve got a petri dish for breakouts.

Dermatologists suggest 100 percent cotton as a good compromise because it allows skin to breathe a bit. Silk is even better as it doesn’t scratch your skin, you just need to be aware that as the temperature rises and you sweat more, you’ll need to keep the mask clean.

Think about  all of that oil and sweat and dirt to siting on your mask each day, and  then you reapply it to your face constantly. Its like trying to clean a mirror with a cloth you’ve already cleaned your entire bathroom with.

It’s never going to end pretty.

Treat it like your underwear. Wash it frequently in gentle cleaning products.

This is also the perfect time to Streamline your skin care routine.

“Fewer ingredients is better than more,” said Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig, the director of dermatologic surgery at the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas.

Many of us use too many beauty products anyway, so consider mask wearing a good excuse to adopt the most basic skin care routine, with simple and effective ingredients that will cleanse deeply and condition effectively without stripping and clogging pores.

So we use a Rose or Lavender Facial Mist in the morning followed by Cleanse and Condition which we wait allow at least an hour to sink in, at the end of the day another gentle cleanse with C&C (why) and once or twice a week a Pink Clay Mask and Glycolic Scrub with Honey or Coconut to gently break down surface dirt and replenish lost hydration.

We buy our Masks from Paws for Change.

But if you want something a little extra, Jackalope Land will leave everyone you walk past shouting "thats hot”

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