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"OrganiQ reflects my passion of the Ocean, the purity of Kangaroo Island and love of beautiful, natural food."


These last few months, this last year... has seen me face challenges and transitions that I could never have expected... 

Letting go of homes and belongings, but also letting go of alot of emotional "junk"

Through letting go, I have opened my life to so much possibility ...

The ability to see sunshine in even the darkest sky, the most heart felt Gratitude for the amazing people who have come in to my life. 


Its roughly two years since I started to consciously build purpose in my life 

Two years since I weighed 35kg
Today I know my body, I know my purpose and am determined to move forward 


And so began OrganiQ

A brand which now reflects Life

My face... My Voice... My Body 


I grew up on kangaroo island one of the most pristine environments in the world. 
Close to the beach and abundant natural bushland

My life journey  has seen me face some pretty intense health conditions 
I quite literally could have died three times over 

However through this, I have learned so much about natural health and nutrition 

It took one unexpected and powerful experience to shift my mindset and encourage me to embrace what I knew and use it to empower me forward 

I have always used natural based skincare products and rarely wear makeup 
But I wanted to create something beautiful and functional for friends 
And so began the scrub 

Using mainly locally sourced and supplied ingredients

The only products  in the world to contain a unique combination of Kangaroo Island Mineral Salt, rare Ligurian Bee honey and Ground Cinnamon .
OrganiQ Coconut Body Scrub is naturally - 
anti ageing cleansing and nourishing 
Suitable for all skin types .

OrganiQ is more than a product, It's a lifestyle 

Authentically South Australian 

Naturally delicious .



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