Mother's Day dinner at Foodland Pasadena

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Luxury skincare should be accessible. This has always been our vision.


Through OrganiQ I endeavour to foster a greater consciousness for natural health and self care. Luxury lifestyle products that work in synchronicity with your skin and body. Products that actively renew and condition your skin, help to prevent ageing and soothe even the most sensitive skin. 

Foodland Supermarkets seemed like a natural progression. Engagement with local community. SA business supporting local business.

I may have been a little ambitious... the journey has been ... and is TOUGH.

But through this journey I have been introduced to the most incredible businesses, and beautiful people who have literally changed my life. I have also learned fast - and at times HARD!

Nevertheless I keep moving forward and so we held a dinner at Foodland Pasadena just before Mothers Day. As a way to raise awareness for Share The Dignity but also to introduce our dearest friends to this beautiful Supermarket. We could never have imagined what a spectacular evening it would be. 

If you haven't already - you MUST check out this incredible - Destination! 





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