Antioxidant Rich Natural Skincare for Winter

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As we know our skin is exposed to a multitude of toxins on a daily basis. 

This time of year the effects can often be worse as a result of the cold weather drying moisture and our body needing more energy to keep ourselves warm. 


Exposure to the natural elements of winter as well as those not so natural or desirable result in a weakening of the skin at a cellular level.

ie, dry hands, cracked skin, eczema 

Did you know that stress can also be a factor?  Our body pulls on our resources at every level.

 This can be helped by increasing good fats such as olive oils, avocado, coconut oil and oily wild caught fish. 



However, it is important to re create an antioxidant rich topical barrier to help prevent further free radical damage and condition our skin all day long.


Now, The Scrub is without a doubt my favourite product for an antioxidant rich, nutrient dense natural skincare therapy every single day. However its not so practical to have about three showers a day.


Instead we can focus on the parts of our body most affected by the above issues. 


Our Hands...

Touch surface, toxins and dirt on skin, wash in hot water and drying soaps. Repeat 






Rest assured we have a solution 


Native Lavender Hand Cream 

Rich in nourishing botanical extracts and oils. This is a hand cream suitable for all skin types - and genders.  

Calming Kangaroo Island Lavender Oil and Sea Salt work together to keep your hands soft, supple and youthful. 

Combine weekly with your favourite OrganiQ scrub for a luxurious natural pamper for your hands and feet. 

You will notice improvements instantly. 


You can find OrganiQ Native Lavender Hand Cream at 

Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets Frewville Foodland and Pasadena Foodland, Kangaroo Island Stall in the Adelaide Central Markets, Ocea Beauty Bar, Terry White Sports Med and of course online. 

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