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We are increasingly becoming conscious of the healing power of food and nutrition certain foods and vitamins to nourish our hormones and vital organs.

But did you know your skin is your largest organ? It actually breathes.

Have you ever stopped to consider what you are feeding your skin? Preservatives and chemicals to prevent ageing could easily be having the reverse effect.


Would you eat your skincare?

 OrganiQ is a brand born out of personal experience and a desire to bring luxury skincare to every day life.

I grew up on Kangaroo Island, one of the most pristine environments in the world. Surrounded by elements of nature that have been used for centuries in health and healing.

 As a sixth generation islander, my heritage is important to me and I believe there is so much that our island has to offer the world,


Have you noticed when you swim in the ocean things heal faster, your mind is clearer?


Pure, Nature, Results


This is OrganiQ

Every ingredient in our products has a skin conditioning purpose and some of our botanical extracts, grown in coastal air can only be found on KI. Such as the powerful Ligurian Bee Honey.

Ki is home to the only native species of this bee in the world.


So as you can see, OrganiQ is far more than cosmetics. It is an entire lifestyle.


Products so pure that you can eat them.

And trust me, once you smell the honey scrub. You will understand why.


My long term vision is to make this a global brand that brings value at every level. Income to my suppliers, to my island ... pure, pristine skincare to my consumers.

 I am a proudly South Australian company and have worked tirelessly to engage with local suppliers where ever possible.

And this is why I wanted our products in Foodland. To keep the cycle local and allow everyone access to our products.


We just had our best week on record and I owe that to the members of the community who purchased our products. As a way to say thank you. I am giving all of our followers a once off discount code to use on our online store for the month of JULY. 


And a further $5 off of you send me a barcode of any product you have purchased in our Foodland supermarkets or Dulwich IGA

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