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 When you think of Kangaroo Island you think of unspoilt beauty, pristine coastline, nature without interference and some of the cleanest, freshest, most pure air and rainwater anywhere on the planet.

The Island sits on the 36th Parallel which is a natural sweeping pattern of winds and tide that acts to keep the 517 million year old coastline pristine and untouched by pollutants. 

It’s a gorgeous island that by its very nature of continued isolation and unique position has been able to withstand the influence of modern society.

This has enabled the native flora to develop spectacular botanical properties in remarkable concentrations, properties unique to Kangaroo Island.

When you combine the unique properties of Kangaroo Island with the knowledge of a 6th generation Islander, an Islander educated on how each plant acts and reacts to improve your health, skin and life…

You get something really, really special.

Sally Paech, a true daughter of the Island, has used her family’s knowledge.

Knowledge passed down through generations, of the island’s botanical secrets and created a range of gorgeous skin care products as unique and wonderful as the Island itself.

OrganiQ Skin Care.

The OrganiQ Skin Care Range is all natural, the botanicals Sally uses are ingredients, not fragrances and because of the unique Kangaroo Island properties and their concentration, you notice the changes in your skin immediately.

Even more amazingly your skin will continue to improve the more that you use them. 

For the past 3 years OrganiQ has built an almost cult like following of natural skincare lovers, passionate about the benefits of the luxury Kangaroo Island brand.

And now it looks like the secret is out! 

It seems our International and interstate guests have heard about OrganiQ too.

 And to meet the demand, one of Adelaide’s newest Hotels, The Atura at Adelaide Airport has inked a deal to ensure that their guests have access to one of the finest luxury skin care products in the world.

 General Manager of Atura Hotels, Mr Tim Newson said, “OrganiQ is an exceptional product, it fits perfectly in showcasing the pristine qualities only found in Kangaroo Island while providing a luxury skincare experience that is truly world class, we are thrilled”.

The OrganiQ skincare range is available from The Atura Hotel from Wednesday 2nd April.

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