Pure Bali Coconut Oil is transforming the OrganiQ Scrub

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Our body scrubs now contain cold pressed coconut oil grown and processed by hand in Bali.

We have recently started to purchase our coconut oil direct from supplier in Bali.

Putu makes her own cold pressed oil that she uses for massage and uses on her skin and hair, as well as drinking it daily to keep her thyroid and digestion nourished.

She knows that your skin absorbs everything that you put on it, she knows the power of massage in healing both physical and emotional issues and the power of plants and nature in nourishing the body. 

Putu had to leave school early as her family could not afford her full tuition. She knew that she needed a skill that could provide income and so she began massage. I could tell from just a few minutes of chatting that this was a lady with an incredibly deep and beautiful soul. She has two daughters of her own who are finishing school and university as a result of her hard work to provide for them, and she is so happy to be able to do that, and has such gratitude for her parents decisions, which in many ways empowered her.

She told me of a customer who has since become like family, who helped her to enrol in an English course and bought her a computer. Through this she was able to build a strong and successful business and now see’s up to 10 clients a day as well as having a couple of people working for her to fill in when she is too busy.

It makes me feel both proud and honoured to be using such beautiful ingredients in our products.

When you are in Bali, you should contact Putu and have a massage, She will literally change your life.


The Process 

Cold-pressing is one of the most natural processes of coconut oil manufacturing. It involves the minimum amount of heat and only contains fresh coconut.

Photo - https://www.thisiscoco.com/how-to-make-coconut-oil/


 Absolutely nothing is wasted. Water and scraps are fed to the cows and pigs, the wooden husk is used in cooking and any “contaminated” oil is then processed in to coconut oil for cooking.

It takes 6-10 years for the coconut palm to grow its first fruit.
Then it takes about a year to grow the fruit into a mature coconut, which is the type of coconut that is used to make coconut oil.

A coconut tree can produce up to a 100 coconuts per year under optimal conditions.You need about 10 coconuts for 1 litre of cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. So the average coconut tree can at its best produce 10 litres of coconut oil per year. 

To qualify as cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, the pressing happens in a carefully controlled heat environment, not exceeding 49° C

The cold-press process is very pure. It preserves the maximum nutritional value as well as the natural coconut taste and smell.

No cooking, heating or chemicals are used during any part of the process.


Photo - https://www.thisiscoco.com/how-to-make-coconut-oil/


The white flesh of the coconut is scraped or grated and then put in to a pressing machine to extract the liquid.

The liquid is poured into big plastic containers and left to sit so that the oil separates from the coconut milk.

The oil is then poured in to new containers and filtered until it’s completely pure.


Knowing the story of our ingredients from start to finish is what makes OrganiQ such a unique and beautiful brand. Our Scrubs are now a one of a kind product that will nourish your body at every level. 

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