OrganiQ Curated Top 5 gifts for Valentines Day

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Where there is love there is life.
Mahatma Ghandi

With Valentines Day just a few sleeps away we wanted to give you our top 5 Valentines Gifts certain to leave a meaningful impression. 


#1 Luxe Facial at Tox Aesthetics 

Designed by a qualified dermal therapist this is a facial created for your individual need and designed around OrganiQ products. The OrganiQ Cacao Scrub under steam is like falling asleep under a warm cloud of hot chocolate. My skin was instantly fresh and glowing and I was only 10 minutes in. Our Pink Clay Mask is then applied and  followed by a rose quartz roller massage. Improving circulation and encouraging skin renewal.

Combined with clinical grade products, Facial and Neck massage  and LED you wont know yourself after an hour here. 

Self care is the ultimate act of love, and the perfect gift for and from your partner to use at a time that suits you ❤️

Tox Aesthetics 44 Wheatland Street, Seacliff 



#2 OrganiQ Body Scrub. 

This is literally heaven in a Jar. 

Cleanse exfoliate and glow with the purest Kangaroo Island sourced ingredients.

Our favorites are The Chocolate Scrub and Native Honey Scrub. 

The chocolate scrub is like a hot chocolate for your skin and by purchasing the Native Honey Body Scrub you are Supporting our beautiful Bees.

Why not purchase both? 

This the “sweetest" gift for that special girl or boy in your life

#3 Beach Walk & Sunset Picinc

Looking at the ocean with a loved one has actually been proven to increases your connection with them. And here in SA we are spoiled with choice for beautiful coastal destinations. 

Oysters, fresh mangoes and Dark chocolate Antioxidants, aphrodisiacs and serotonin boosters. A bottle of Tomich sparkling as the sun goes down. It’s a night you will treasure for many years to come


#4 Bespoke Artwork

Do you have a favorite quote, a songline or title that has special meaning to your relationship? Lola & Gypsy is incredible artwork by local artist Sarah Anesbury. Sarah creates magnificent design and Typhograpthy by hand. This means every piece is an original one of a kind. Something beautiful to last a lifetime. 

#5 A kiss and a cuddle.

Sorry, we aren't big on material things and there is nothing more powerful than human touch and connection. It is the only thing that naturally creates Oxytocin (our happy hormone) and honestly this is one of the loveliest often most underrated part of being with another.

Did you know that The Beatles wrote 250 songs and the word "Love" appears over 600 times. beautiful right? 


We hope this inspires you to get a little creative this Friday. Share the Love. The world needs more of that right now!  

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