OrganiQ Facial Launches at M&Co Stylebar

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It’s not often that you  walk in to a business and have your energy instantly lifted before you even get a chance to say Hello. 

This is a reflection of the incredible personalities behind M&Co Style bar. 

Makeup, styling, lashes, brows and now Facials 


Now I’m not one to go for facials. 

Time… and products mean that it is not high on my priority list. 

 But sometimes it is important to stop … and show your body … and soul some extra love. 

And when OrganiQ products are involved … its certainly going to be something pretty special.

 The room is pink, the vibe is peaceful and the blanket is fluffy. I was already half way to sleep when I lay down. 

Michelle is a facial artist. 

First is a deep cleanse with OrganiQ cleanse and condition. One of Michelle’s personal favourite products.  The aroma is heavenly, and her technique of facial massage literally relaxes your entire body. 

It was hard to stay alert enough to take everything in.  But it’s not just about relaxing. Massaging the face in this way is Anti ageing for beauty which works to increase blood flow and collagen production.  

Next is the new OrganiQ facial scrub a product that Michelle pushed me to create. This was a progressive Innovation to create the perfect texture… gentle yet enough grit to get the job done . Not only that, it comes customised to your skin type. Honey for dry/mature skin and Eucalyptus for oily/combination. 

Then it’s onto 

The OrganiQ Clay Mask. Now this is something  really special. Pure minerals and the slightest touch of vanilla. whilst this is drying and extracting the nasties from my tired stressed skin Michelle moved onto the HAND MASSAGE.

I have never experienced something like this. And I’ve had some high end facials.  I actually had tingles. Relaxed and nurtured.  In such a high stress role, we often forget what it feels like to… let go. 

The delicious OrganiQ cleanse and scrub massage is repeated on my hands and arms and I swear my hands looked ten years younger! 

I can say that now. I’m over 30!! 

 Michelle then removes the clay mask with an ever fabulous hot towel action and The facial is finished with OrganiQ Serum and  a divine natural moisturiser. 


Layers, seriously like a neapolitan tub of delicious natural aromas 


I could have stayed for another hour just taking in all of the aromas and enjoying the detachment from my body from such beautiful massage. 

 Nevertheless it was time to get on with taking on the world.


And so we wanted to create something special so that you can experience this Facial and replicate it at home and Gift it to your Friends and Family just in time for Christmas. 

Join us Dec 4 for an Exclusive Look and Learn event at M&Co Style bar to learn about skincare and creating your best makeup look for your face. Every guest also receives a gift from OrganiQ.

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