Top 10 tips for Perfect Summer Skin

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Now that the weather is heating up, Our skin needs a different level of attention. Here are our Top Ten tips for keeping your complexion perfect through summer. 

What's your number 1 tip for keeping your skin looking good in summer?

    Nourish your Body

    This is a process and not one single thing. Our skin is our largest organ AND we need to care for our body at every level. Fresh Organic Veg and low GI fruit. Cucumbers = collagen. 2 L of water every day. An oil based serum to protect and condition. 8 hours sleep, yoga, swimming in the ocean, sun first thing in the morning and plenty of love and laughter.


    How can you keep hydrated when you're out and about? 

    Drinking Water is key, but I always carry an OrganiQ Hydrating Rose Mist in my Bag, Car, and have one by my Bed.

    How important is exfoliation and how can you do it right?

    Exfoliation doesn’t just remove dry skin it helps to improve circulation and cell turn over – thus improving skin appearance and absorption of all the beautiful natural nutrients in your high quality natural skincare.

    How can we keep the area around our eyes looking good?

    SLEEP! WATER and I like to use the OrganiQ serum, which has a cooling Alovera base to help reduce puffiness.

    How can you keep your feet looking nice, particularly when wearing open shoes such as sandals and thongs? 

    Scrub with a Eucalyptus Scrub to help break down dirt and also condition and soothe dryness.


    How can you avoid drying your skin out when you're having extra showers due to sweating?

    Again Drink plenty of water, eat foods with good fats like avocado and olive oil. Use a natural moisturiser. Swim in the ocean where possible.


    How can we avoid clogged pores and acne from sweating?

    Using a dissolved eucalyptus scrub allows the gluconic acid to get in to the top layers of the skin and help draw our dirt and toxins.

    Should we change our skincare regime from colder to warmer months and if so, how?

    Yes but only slightly. You will find you need less heavy moisturiser as your skin absorbs liquid easier. But if you are using the essential products each day … Serum, Oil, Mist, Scrub, your skin will show you what you need to increase and reduce.

    Should we change our diet to help our skin in the warmer months, if so, how?

    Eating Seasonally will always benefit your body because it is fresh and in sync with the energy of nature. You need more water based, lighter and cooling foods. Salad greens, cucumber. But make sure to have good oils to keep skin protected and supple.

    Is it a good idea to keep a face mist/water mister to hydrate facial skin?

    Rose Mist – Always.

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