OrganiQ Kangaroo Island reaches Beverly Hills

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Well here we are a global brand.

OrganiQ Natural Skincare is now in one of the best known pharmacies in Beverley Hills.

Aligning with our values, Mickey Fine is family owned and an extended family of staff for over 30 years and third generation customers. 

It is such a momentous achievement to know that our products are now available to celebrity customers and LA locals. 



The nature of business reminds us that some times it is about who you know. But also it is important to remind ourselves that nothing happens that hasn't been worked for 

Our formulas are created specifically for their skin conditioning and anti-ageing benefits and are made with some of the most pure native extracts in the world. Some of our ingredients like the  Ligurian Bee honey can only be sourced from Kangaroo Island.  

Kangaroo Island is one of the most pristine environments in the world, known globally for its abundant wildlife and pristine coastline  and this is replicated through our products. 

And now they are available to - the world. 

So, pop in when you are in the neighbourhood.

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