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We like to do things a little differently at OrganiQ. Just in case you didn’t know that already.


Our “Cleanser” is a cleanser, makeup remover, remedy for irritation and replacement for a shaving cream.

It is also a serum. it’s a product designed to condition and moisturise. You can replace about 5 products with this pot of gold!



Our Clay Mask is a pot of Magic Dust designed to bring rejuvenation to all skin types. Soothing and conditioning.
Clay naturally draws out toxins and soothes inflamed acne prone skin. Clay also brightens and firms ageing skin. So this will change your life at any age.

A partnership made in heaven 😇


Engage in a (product) Threesome twice a week and you are guaranteed to see results - instantly.

How To:

Make a paste with Rose Mist and Clay Mask and apply to freshly washed skin. Brew a pot of Ovvio tea, light a candle and set in for half an hour or self-care.

Wait 10 minutes and apply a layer of Cleanse & Condition wait 5 minutes.


Wipe off Mask with warm water and a cotton cloth.
Mist with Rose Mist.
Apply Cleanse & Condition
Take on the world.


It really is that simple x x 

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