PURE BEAUTY with Carly Vidal-Wallace

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Carly has a long career in the fashion industry, from creating the Qld Fashion Festival, working as Fashion Editor, Stylist and Fashion Curator based in California. Her highlights are: attending Paris Fashion Week, interviewing Jimmy Choo and having a long conversation with Diane Von Furstenberg on a rooftop in LA about the crazy days at Studio 55. Carly moved to Adelaide where she brings her global fashion knowledge to the team at Australian Fashion Labels where she oversees the marketing teams in China, USA and Australia in her position as Global Marketing Manager. Passionate about circular economy she tries to bring a sustainable angle to all her projects. Her life is made complete by her French husband and bilingual children.


What does beauty mean to you? 

Beauty to me is such an internal quality. I have met so many stunning women over the years who are not nice people for different reasons.  Beauty to me is about being happy and confident in your own skin.


What do you love the most about the work you do ? 

Fashion is a way to make a statement about who you are, your beliefs and what you are passionate about. I love working in the industry that helps women recreate themselves, gives power and also helps creative fashion designers find financial success. Although I work in the fashion industry, what I love and enjoy most is leading a team and working together to achieve great things. There is no better feeling than accomplishing something great as a team. 

What is an average day in the life of Carly? 

Busy! First and foremost I’m a mother to my two beautiful boys, and wife to my best friend Vincent. Mornings are crazy getting everyone out the door! I am the Global Marketing Manager for Adelaide company Australian Fashion Labels, so I’m on calls with teams in China and USA on my commute to the city then racing into the office to work at the HQ. I have the most talented people who work with me from my teams of photographers, graphic designers, social media, right through to customer service. I am blessed from CEO down to all the staff to work with inspirational, talented people. As soon as the day is through it’s a race back to be with the kids and homework duties. No two days are the same which I love.


What do you do to give back to yourself? what is your favourite self care ritual?

This is a new one for me - the Organiq Coconut scrub has changed my world. I have never used a product which at the same time exfoliates but yet also melts away and leaves skin feeling refreshed and full of moisture. I’ve used scrubs before but never one like this. I made a promise to myself to make sure I use it once a week as my little ritual.


What do you do to Nourish your body? 

Eat good food, get enough sleep, breathe fresh air often from walks outdoors and laugh lots with people who love you. It’s about balance, believing in yourself and taking time to see the bright side of life. There is no point being extremely fit, but very unhappy.

What is your daily skincare routine?

I like very basic and quick routines as I’m so busy! I never start my day without the OrganiQ day cream. I love the slight lavender scent - it reminds me of living in France. The cream keeps my skin feeling fresh all day, even when working in air con/heating all day.

Your Number one skincare secret ?

Facial massages, they increase your blood flow, relieve tension in your skin, allow face products to absorb better into your skin, and are just a general free “face lift”. I like to start in an upward motion massaging the neck and area, then work toward the forehead. Techniques like soft tapping and soft pinching motions—starting from the inside of the face and working your way out. Remembering to always massage in an upward circular motion. 


Your favourite organiQ product and why? 

The pink clay exfoliating mask - I like quick and easy treatments for my skin. This one is great as it exfoliates and yet makes my skin feel almost tight and youthful afterwards. It’s easy, quick - natural and leaves my skin feeling great.

If you could pass on one piece of guidance or thought to women world wide - what would it be?

We are all unique, some of us are knitting legends, some proud IT nerds, some super glam influencers, some stay at home mums raising amazing kids - it doesn’t matter what you are doing ... my biggest tip is to try to always support and help your fellow women. Try and behave without judgement and be a friend when least expected. Women need other women to lift them up not drag them down, so be an inspirational woman to people around you and try and leave your legacy as having made a mark on other people’s lives. Avoid people who drain you or leave you thinking negative thoughts, life is too short.

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