Natural Beauty for New Mums 

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It's fair to say that your senses are heightened when you bring a little person into the world.

You feed your body with the best possible nutrients and read every detail of every label of every food, home, and body product that you come in to contact with. 

We often get asked about the ingredients we use in our products. Our response is always the same. We put nothing in our formulas that you wouldn’t feel safe eating.

Our products are toxin-free and contain some of the most pure bioactive ingredients on the planet.

Skin can be sensitive pre and post-pregnancy, and we take this into account.
Every ingredient has a skin conditioning purpose and is gentle enough for baby.
Think calming coastal lavender, sea salt, wild honey, and organic coconut oil.
Ingredients used for centuries in natural health and healing. 


We have a simple trio of products that will make your first few months as stress-free as possible whilst giving instant and lasting results. Pure Beauty Day Cream and Cleanse and Condition are also gentle enough to use on little ones to soothe irritations and eczema. 

Pure Beauty Face Cream

A deep conditioning daily facecream. Containing calming coastal grown Kangaroo Island Lavender oil and Seasalt. 

Cleanse & Condition 

A rich daily serum to hydrate and renew. Soothing native ingredients perfect for dry and irritated skin. 

Pink Clay Mask 

Everyone needs a mask. Detoxifying and brightening. Pure beauty from the Earth. set aside half an hour of you time at least once a week!



Add a scrub and you have an entire range for your daily and weekly routine. 





And don't forget, Spend $75 in any transaction and you will receive a complimentary cotton gift bag and One Day Beauty Cleanse Program ❤️


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