The Ultimate VSCO Girl goes OrganiQ

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“We don’t hate anything, we just like certain things more,” 

Let's admit it, there is a little VSCO in all of us. I know most of you reading this will never have even heard the term. But after reading this I think you will be channeling your inner VSCO.
Of course, we can't endorse other products on our own site, so our Kit is a little different. A little closer to home. But I think you will love it. And I know our local VSCO’s will. 
Chloe Hall recently posted an interview that sums up the VSCO girl perfectly.
What started as a filter on a photo editing app (VSCO)  has now become a global brand image lead by a young tribe of influencers with followings into the millions. 

Chloe explains that VSCO Girls are also "easy to spot in the wild."

“She would probably wake up, have iced coffee with avocado and toast, brush her teeth and do her morning skin routine, change, put on a little makeup and then be out the door,” explains Nessa, 17, a VSCO Girl from Orange County, California. “VSCO Girls love to have clear skin and a natural and dewy look.” It’s achieved with the same tools: Carmex lip balm, Glossier’s Boy Brow, and a signature Rose Facial Spray. For VSCO Girls, “The whole point is to be as natural as possible,” 

Well, this is already speaking to our hearts.
VSCO girls value sustainable values and eco conscious brands. Life is positive and we connect with that. 
The VSCO girl starter pack now a global "essentials kit” is fast becoming the eco chic style guide for gen Z. Birkenstocks, hydro flasks, scrunchies and denim shorts are something that I feel perfectly comfortable with. 
So to help you find your inner VSCO we have created a kit that you can replicate. 


With core values such as:

"Environmentally conscious, inclusive, and filled with love for themselves, their skin, and others"

I think we could all do with a little more VSCO in our lives. 
The OrganiQ VSCO Girl Starter Kit
Denim Shorts @ True Religion
Sandals @ Birkenstock
Rose Mist @ OrganiQ
Sustainable Beauty Body Scrub @ OrganiQ
Cotton Scrunchy @ Seed
Hydro Flask @ Bella Box 

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