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Going out on your own is never an easy decision.

But for entrepreneur Blow Dry Bar senior hairstylist Hayley Jayne Davis it seemed like the only logical decision.

Hayley has spent years immersing herself in the hair industry to source the best products and leading techniques to create a personalised hair program for each client that walks through her door.

Hayley made it her mission to build lasting relationships with her clients whether just for a blow dry or for a full head of hair extensions.

Life elements, personal circumstances and long term goals are taken in to account.

You feel safe. You feel nurtured and you always leave feeling literally a million dollars.

And in such uncertain times. It is so very important to allow yourself some time for care. It’s incredible the power of a refreshed style and complexion

Trust us - that’s why we created OrganiQ and why we only trust Hayley with our hair

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What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty lies in the great goodness of character. I believe that beauty starts within. Someone could be absolutely beautiful on the outside but is that really beauty if they have an ugly heart?

Beauty is having the desire to help change the world while being companionate to yourself from the inside out.


What do you love the most about the work you do?


I have one of the most precious jobs in the beauty industry.

I absolutely adore having each and everyone of my clients sit in that chair in front of me, trusting me to help them achieve their hair goals and much more.

Each client that sits in my chair becomes apart of my little family.

I guess you could say my favorite part is how I can actually change my clients lives. I LOVE the smile that consumes their faces at the end of their service.


What is an average day in the life of Hayley?

Each day is different although, an average day for me starts with a beautiful little smile from my gorgeous bundle of joy around 7am

If I am not in the salon creating beautiful hair, I am enjoying my motherly duties, spending time with Ivy helping/watching her learn and grow.


What do you love most about being a mum?

The answers to this question are endless! Although

I absolutely LOVE and ADORE seeing and watching that unconditional love that Ivy has.

Ivy grows and learns new things every day and each day it helps me learn and grow as a person. Having a child has really shown me a different side to life and I will be entirely grateful to have the opportunity that some women don’t get.


What do you do to give back to yourself? what is your favorite self care ritual ?

Self-care, what's that when you have an 8-month-old ? (oops)  

Life can be quite difficult juggling work and family life.

This is defiantly something that has gone out the window for me once I had Ivy, bad I know.

Although I hope to try to get back into a daily routine which consisted of a morning cleanse drink of body bloom with a morning walk.


What do you do to Nourish your body?

I make sure that I drink at least 3L of water daily, I find when I reach this goal that I feel more energised for the next day. I also love using the OrganiQ Honey scrub, which leaves my skin feeling soft and shiny.


What is your daily skincare routine?

Every day I make sure that I wash and cleanse my skin. I always spritz my face with OrganiQ Rose Mist in the morning.


What is your Number one skincare secret?

Always cleanse and moisturize before bed.


What is your favorite OrganiQ product and why?

Pink Clay Mask, I love how it makes my face glow and feel after each use. I also love the look I get from Ivy and my partner when I have it on.


If you could pass on one piece of guidance or thought to women world wide - what would it be?

From personal experience just take every day as it comes, I believe that everything happens for a reason. Life always throws things your way when you least expect it. Take it in your stride and create something beautiful from it. Don’t let things that you can’t change weigh you down.






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