The Essential Scrubs, Creams and Serums for your Autumn Skin Regime

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We believe in nourishing your body at every level. Our products contain pure bio active ingredients that have been shown to renew and condition the complexion at every age. Our formulas are so pure that our ingredients are actually edible. After all, if you wouldn't eat it why would you put it on your body? 



OrganiQ Native Honey Scrub

If you haven’t scrubbed before, this innovative product will change your life.

And if you already exfoliate weekly  you will notice an instant change to your complexion. Just use one handful in the bath and shower to Cleanse, Exfoliate and Moisturise.

The OrganiQ Scrub is a luxurious blend of plant extracts and Kangaroo Island bioactive ingredients formulated to gently lift and remove dead surface skin and impurities at the same time nourishing and hydrating the skin to reveal a soft, smooth and radiant complexion.



OrganiQ Skin Renewal Serum

Renew your tired complexion with this luxury serum.

Our gently astringent serum targets excess sebum production which often occurs when the weather flashes from warm to cold and skin is exposed to the dryness of heaters.  But what makes this product truly special is the power of pure aloe vera. Aloe is an excellent natural elixir containing vitamins C and E, enzymes, amino acids and over 200 other beneficial elements. It moisturises and helps reduce skin irritations and inflammations and contributes to the restructuring of skin cells.

 Apply in the mornings to tighten and condition pores, or in the evenings as an eye gel and multilayer treatment under Cleanse & Condition.


Cleanse & Condition

Loved by TV stars, makeup artists, surfers and executives. If you wanted a One Pot Wonder. This is it.

C&C contains antimicrobial Kangaroo Island Ligurian Bee Honey. This is the only pure strain of this honey in the world and considered Vegan friendly because bee’s need to make honey to live and flowers need the bees to live. Honey is the only food in the world to contain all nutrients to sustain life. So we think this is pretty special. Honey plumps and hydrates while botanical oils smooth and soothe skin.

Use daily as a cleanser, or underneath moisturiser. It can even be used as a replacement to shaving cream.



If you want to create an entire skin routine, you can purchase all three products from Frewville and Pasadena Foodland in their Flowerbar and Norwood Place Foodland and Mitcham Square Newsagency.  

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