OrganiQ + Organic Box = Nourished Body at Every Level.

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We have just added our products to an incredible local businesses range and we are so excited to tell you their story.  

Since November 2009 OrganicBox has been delivering truly certified organic food to families in Adelaide and SA. The are passionate about sending the freshest, highest quality foods out in their boxes - sourced locally as a priority. 

 They proudly bear the ACO bud logo as a guarantee for our customers that what we sell is Certified Organic.....because sadly ‘organic’ and ‘natural’ are marketing terms now. Certification is your guarantee of truth and integrity.

They sell a huge range of fruit, vegetables, salad, diary, meats, grocery lines - they even sell toilet paper. The point here is, you can do a large majority of you weekly essentials in one location, knowing you are purchasing ethical, local where possible and supporting independent business from top to bottom ;) 

With OrganicBox you have the options of buying a “box” that they make up weekly (they post the contents of the boxes up on our Facebook page Monday afternoons); or you can shop for the produce and products you want......or do both ) 

They are flexible at OrganicBox and will bend over backwards to assist their customers get the best value and boxes to suit their individual family requirements.

And now you can purchase some of your favourite OrganiQ products with your box and be confident that you are nourishing your body - at every level. xx

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