The OrganiQ Pink Clay Mask is the Supermodels Skincare Essential

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Clay Masks are an essential part of almost every Supermodel and Beauty Editors routine. because they are: 
#1 Pore Refining
#2 Deep Cleansing
#3 Detoxifying
#4 Gentle on almost all skin types. 
Model Katya will demonstrate how easy and effective the OrganiQ Pink Clay Mask is - on all skin types. 
Our Pink Clay Mask has been formulated from a blend of pink clay & sea salts that work together to gently extract impurities and replace nutrients  to leave your skin looking naturally clear and radiant.
It is best to use a mask once or twice a week to keep the skin clear and firm. An essential element in healthy, ageless, naturally beautiful skin. 
We put nothing in our Mask that you wouldn’t feel safe eating and source the most pure ingredients from Kangaroo Island for our unique formulas. 
TIP: Follow with a Cleanse & Condition,  Skin Renewal serum or Pure Beauty Face Cream  so that  your skin will soak up all of the goodness after this beautiful detoxifying mask!

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