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Hey guys.

I wanted to let you in behind the scenes.


This is our current production process ... 

 This allows 2kg per load.

 Break that down - its about 6 jars of scrub in a machine built for making sponge cakes.



This little brand started by mixing in a tupperware container, to a 10 L bucket (by hand with a wooden spoon) - and now the Kitchen Kenwood

(fortunately we don't eat cake)  


 I have been blessed to have a beautiful network of friends and some very significant mentors who have helped me to reach this point, to achieve things I could never have imagined.


I hope to be able to pass on their insight to others in years to come. 


At business level, I currently do everything myself  - Design, Create, Manage Social Media, Marketing, PR, liasing with stockists and suppliers, deliveries and merchandising and  bookwork   (ok - I file receipts and type invoices) 

 - and Mum is in charge of  production

Every single cent that I earn goes in to the business to buy the supplies for next order… Then I think about groceries and phone bills.


But I have a vision and hold on to that each day.



I am so passionate about my home and heritage and have worked tirelessly to create a premium product with a purpose.

Every single ingredient has a skin conditioning property and some can only be sourced from Kangaroo Island. 

Our products are simple, beautiful and effective. They work flawlessly on any skin type to create instant and lasting results.




I am a sixth generation Islander and  come from a long line of Female Entrepreneurs.

 My Grandmother pioneered commercial free range eggs in the 40s, collecting and packing and distributing them herself.

My Mother then carried this on, farming 1500 hens as well as sheep and grain 

My father died when I was three and she maintained the farm until I was 7 as well as supporting Nanna on her own.


Then I created OrganiQ


We don't give up … even when we probably should.


And I dont think we ever will.


So  Im asking you please as friends and family to share this post, buy a body scrub … or two and help OrganiQ blossom in to the brand it deserves to be.


Nourish your body xx 

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