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I feel blessed for the support that we have had in this journey.  For the friends, and family, acquaintances, stockists, creatives... and community 

Every single soul who has contributed to the birth and evolution of OrganiQ and progress of Hayley and her Salon


I am from a family of Female Entreprenuers who would NOT give up - at any expense!

My grandmother (mums mum)  was a pioneer on Kangaroo Island - initiating the first Free Range egg business... and running it herself 

My mum took on that ... 1500 chooks, eggs collected by hand... Chooks that Nested in Gumtrees and rode on the back of the Ute

My dad died when I was three and mum continued on the farm until I was 7.  She then left the farm to care for my grandmother, clean 15 shacks and keep us functioning. 

Consider prior to my arrival she attempted years of experimental phase IVF, and the emotionally taxing journey of Adoption... just to be a mother, 

to fight and fight and fight for my life ... when i was so ill after high school that I could have died.


This is how Entreprenuers do life,

those who have seen the darkest of spaces... and have the power to be one anothers light. 

to stand against convention, of social expectation... and to come out - stronger, inspiring and stronger... 


Life's greatest achievement is - you.

We must walk the path that we are given.

And at times we will have to crawl up that hill ... We may feel that we never reach the top.

Truth is - we won't ...

We will never be perfect, but that's ok.

We are all born with the gift of greatness.
Better than perfect - 

We are Life

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