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I grew up on Kangaroo Island and my family has been there for over 6 generations farming on the coast.


I built a brand and a product range around this. After being diagnosed with a severe thyroid disorder I went on a long and detailed journey of health research and recovery. I subsequently built a range of skincare using only natural ingredients many sourced from KI all with proven skin and wellbeing benefits and literally pure enough to eat.

Knowing that over a billion dollars worth of cosmetics packaging goes to landfill every year I made a conscious decision to create a product that would serve more than one purpose And so I created a scrub that would cleanse exfoliate and condition the body and can be used as a facial treatment.


We have now gone global with a The Hershey Company Chocolate Scrub packed in 100% curbside recyclable packaging so that we know that our earth and ocean is protected in every way possible while giving everyone access to naturally luxurious skincare.


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